Eco Friendly 100% Mixed colours - Biodegradable and Metal Free Sky Lanterns. 
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Quantity Price
15 £30.49
20 £36.49
25 £42.49
30 £48.49
40 £63
50 £81.49
75 £108.49
100 £132.49


Metal Free Environmentally Friendly Sky Lanterns which contain no metal parts and are 100% biodegradable - Light up the sky without littering the ground.


  • All prices include post & Packing
  • Wire Free
  • Multiple colours
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Size 36cm x 36cm x 100cm
  • Dispatched by courier - delivery takes 2-3 days
  • Payment by Paypal

About our Eco Sky Lanterns

Our Environmentally Friendly Flying Lanterns are perfect for weddings, parties or family get togethers. They're also easy to use - just light the fuel block and watch the lanterns as they soar into the sky and disappear into the distance giving a beautiful display.

  • 100% Biodegradable and metal free sky lanterns
  • Great for weddings, parties and get togethers
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Flies up to one mile high
What's the environmental impact of a Sky Lantern?

There has been some recent press coverage on the environmental impact of flying lanterns. Unfortunately, many sky lanterns are not biogradable and use metal wires which make them dangerous to animals and cause an eyesore when they come back down to the ground.

We are pleased that our Sky Lanterns do not use metal parts or wires. They are also 100% biodegradeable.

Easy to light and use

In conjunction when developing this new Sky Lantern, we developed a new 'attached' fuel cell. This simplifies lighting and reduces the time from lighting to flight. This design element combined with the flame retardant paper makes our Eco Lanterns the safest Sky Lanterns available on the market today.

How the lanterns are packed?

The lanterns are delivered 'flat-packed' in packs of 5. The dimensions of a pack of 5 are 39cm x 39cm x 3cm.  .


Delivery / Returns of Paper Lanterns

Post and Packing

Our Flying Lantersare are dispatched within one working day of receiving payment by Courier. Delivery takes 2-3 days.

They are packaged in sturdy recycled cardboard so will arrive in the best condition to your door.

What if the Sky Lanterns don't arrive?

We use a reputable courier with tracking details. In the rare event of your sky lanterns not arriving, we will refund you in full after 7 days of postage.


We will accept returns for Lanterns in the unlikely event that they are damaged in the post

How items are packaged

Our Sky Lanterns are securely wrapped in recycled cardboard in order to prevent any damage to the contents.

Eco Sky Lanterns - Prices

Prices INCLUDE P&P to UK only

Description Price
Pack of 15 - Mixed colours Eco Lanterns £30.49
Pack of 20 - Mixed colours Eco Lanterns £36.49
Pack of 25 - Mixed colours Eco Lanterns £42.49
Pack of 30 - Mixed colours Eco Lanterns £48.49
Pack of 40 - Mixed colours Eco Lanterns £63.00
Pack of 50 - Mixed colours Eco Lanterns £81.49
Pack of 75 - Mixed colours Eco Lanterns £108.49
Pack of 100 - Mixed colours Eco Lanterns £132.49

Wedding Flying Lanterns - Video

Other Names for Sky Lanterns

  • Chinese Wedding Lanterns
  • Sky lantern,
  • Fire Lanterns,
  • Flame proof rice paper
  • Floating Lanterns,
  • Thai Sky Lanterns,
  • Cheap Sky lanterns - eco-friendly
  • Glo-lanterns
  • Eco Friendly lanterns
  • Thai Flying Sky Lanterns,
  • Chinese Flying Lanterns,
  • UFO Balloons,
  • Wedding Lanterns,
  • Sky Lantaarns,
  • Sky Balloons,
  • Sky Candles,
  • Chinese Sky Lanterns

Sky lanterns are airborne paper lanterns traditionally found in some Asian cultures.

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